HR Partner for business

We offer various HR services like Hand holding an organization as an HR business partner, HRO, HR Onboarding, Defining HR policies according to organization goals & its implementation, HR Planning forecasting & Job analysis along with Employee Engagement.

HR Services offered:

It is believed that HR department acts as a business partner for nurturing business goals and achieving them in time

1. HR services offered for small/start up organizations

HRO – HR Process Outsourcing

Human resource Onboarding
Defining HR Policies
Policy implementation
Designing Employee manuals
Planning, forecasting & Job analysis
FUN @ Work
2. HR services offered for Medium & Big organizations
Hand holding an organization as a HR business partner
HR Process Outsourcing
Aligning HR processes & Policies according to organizational goals
Designing employee manuals
Preparing Job roles & Job descriptions
Employee engagement activities
FUN @ Work

Employee Engagement

Employee EngagementEmployee engagement is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all members of an organisation to give of their best each day, committed to their organisation's goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success, with an enhanced sense of their own well-being.
Employee engagement is a mindset. The only way that an engagement strategy will yield results is if you start with the “why” of the matter, with each activity and event you plan.

Why is employee engagement Important?

As a manager, keeping your employees engaged is perhaps the biggest challenge you face. It’s also a huge opportunity to gain long-term commitment and discretionary effort from your team. That effort will ultimately lead to higher sales and fewer mistakes.
There is more and more convincing evidence that improving employee engagement can significantly improve company performance across a number of key areas, such as; profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, innovation, health and safety, sickness and absence, turnover and wellbeing.But, in order to achieve that, your engagement efforts have to be aligned with your overall business strategy. Implementing unplanned ideas and activities that you think might help, without monitoring or measuring their impact, is a waste of time and resources.

List of a few activities that can be done in an organization:

  • Involve employees in Business planning
  • Internal Knowledge sharing sessions – Mentorship programme
  • Cross functional teams
  • Own office Olympics – Once a year
  • Make onboarding fun
  • Create own internal magazine
  • Create activities based on various outcomes to be achieved
  • Theme based team get together & Outbound fun activities
  • Employee’s family days & get together