Atlassian Confluence User Training

The Confluence fundamental training provides an ideal hands-on training to make the user well versed with the Confluence from the user's perspective. The training can be attended by anyone interested to learn how to use Confluence.

What you will get out of the training?

After the completion of this training, you will be proficient with:
  • 1. Installation and setup of Confluence.
  • 2. Configuration of Confluence.
  • 3. User management.
  • 4. Security Configurations.
  • 5. Integration with other tools.

Course Outline

What is Confluence ?
  • Introduction to Confluence
Files and Macros
  • Uploading files
  • Displaying files and images
  • Managing files
  • Collaborating on files
  • Editing office files
  • Macros
  • Different types of Macros
Getting Started With Confluence
  • Dashboard
  • Using Confluence on a Mobile Device
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Network overview
  • Likes and popular content
  • User status updates
  • Using mentions
  • Share a page or Blog post
  • Commenting on pages and blog posts
  • Exporting Content to Word, PDF, HTML and XML
  • Create a Space
  • Create a Personal Space
  • Space Permissions Overview
  • Change the Look and Feel of a Space
  • Administering a Space
  • Configure the Sidebar
  • Edit Space Details
  • Using Labels to Categorize Spaces
  • Delete a Space
  • Archive a Space
  • View Space activity
  • View recently updated contents
  • Customizing space layouts
Pages and Blogs
  • Working with Pages
  • Blog posts
  • Using the editor
  • Move and reorder pages
  • Copy a page
  • Delete or Restore a Page
  • Add, Remove and Search for Labels
  • Working with Drafts
  • Page restrictions
  • Working with Links
  • Working with Anchors
  • Working with Tables
  • Using Auto complete
  • Working with Page Layouts, Columns and Sections
  • Creating Beautiful and Dynamic Pages
  • Working with Templates
  • Working with Blueprints
  • Importing Content into Confluence
  • Orphaned Pages
  • Undefined Page Links
  • View page information
  • Page history and page comparison views
  • Using a WebDav Client to work with Pages
Your Confluence
  • Your user profile
  • Change your password
  • Edit your user settings
  • Set your profile picture
  • Choose your home page
  • Favorite spaces and pages
  • View and revoke OAuth Access Tokens
  • Request Add-ons
  • Confluence search syntax
  • Confluence search fields
  • Searching the people directory
  • Recently viewed pages and blog posts
Working With Mail Archives
  • Adding a mail account
  • Delete and restore mail
  • Import mail from an mbox
Permissions and Restrictions
  • Levels of permissions
  • Page restrictions
Use Jira and Confluence Together
  • Display JIRA issues in Confluence
  • Create JIRA issues from Confluence
  • Creating reports and charts
  • Adding JIRA issues to the page
  • Connection between Confluence and JIRA
Add-Ons and Integrations
  • Introduction to Atlassian Marketplace
  • Integrations between various tools with Confluence
Advanced and Special Uses Of Confluence
  • Working with Confluence markup
  • Working with Confluence gadgets
  • Developing technical documentation on Confluence Wiki
  • Using Confluence as a Knowledge Base
  • Use Confluence as your Intra net