Agile Coaching

We have helped many companies in being Agile rather than doing Agile, in true sense. There always exists a gap between what customer needs and what developers develop. We hand-hold the organizations in understanding and delivering the business value by implementing Agile Scrum methodology.

Agile is a mindset and with that mindset you can follow the Scrum framework. Successful implementation of Agile Scrum leads to the realization of many benefits including business agility and increased customer satisfaction. We help you in implementing the Agile Scrum in a very tried and tested manner.
Our expert coaches sit with your team to understand the AS IS stage. Once this is analyzed, they train the senior management in Agile Scrum. After that a pilot project is identified and a suitable team is identified. Team is also trained in Agile Scrum. In the actual implementation, our experts run the initial sprints and all the events. Once the team is confident enough, our experts become the “silent observers”. And once our experts are confident that the team can sustain without any hurdle, they take the back seat.